Jambo! Are you prepared to live the tanzanian adventure?

Are you prepared to see Tanzania? Are you cool enough for this awesome country?Are you ready to step out from your comfort zone? If the answer it’s yes then you can read further and see what you have missed and what it’s your next destination:)

I arrived here after a direct  7 hours flight from Istanbul in the comfort of Turkish Airlines and  I have to  say they surprised me in a good way.Finally enough space, good food ,a lot of movies ( for awkward people like me that can t sleep ) and yes they even gave us socks and eyes covers hahaha.

ok ok lets get back to business:what you need for this trip?

>> vaccines :mandatory yellow fever and tiffoide and pills for malaria ( aprox. 50 euro)

>> boots for trekking

>> proper cloths and shoes if you want to climb Kilimanjaro ( cost is 140 $ per day minimum 4 days)

>>insect spray

>> sleeping bags ( or just rent from there)

>>no visa for Romanians  and African nationalities ( all the others will pay a 50 $ visa)

>> a looooot of patience

>> don’t expect at too much comfort

I have to start by saying that devil it’s not so black.So don’t be a bacteria freak.Just drink only bottled water and wash the fruits before eating. Nothing happened to none from my group and I mean absolutely nothing. We traveled safety and didn’t get sick.

Now that we covered that ;what to do here?

First let’s reach the accommodation place. Quite up at about 2600 m altitude but I think it worth it.Plus the Kilimanjaro view it’s amazing .


Despite being a poor continent Africa it’s expensive.So prepare to give tips,pay for every trip small or big that you will do and expect that sometimes they will try to scam you . Pay big attention to your money and belongings !!! and I mean it. So once more Pole pole ( easy ,easy).

So what you can do here:Trekking it’s an option so you should be in shape to be able to finish it.



The cities will not be what you probably are expecting to see. They are looking like some poor villages.


Safari: You lived for nothing if you didn’t go to safari.Was the most amazing adventure I had – until now haha I am expecting for more adventures muhahah. I saw the most incredible sky ever and i think I won t be tired to repeat this for a million times:incredible sky,incredible ok ok you go it.

I have to say I hate going to Zoo I can t stand up seeing all the animals in cages but I like animals.What to do then? Well seeing them in freedom and be so close to them was AMAZING!!!!

I have no more words I will just put some pics.Well maybe I still have oh yesss I had the best crew and the best driver ever.We rulzzz:)))


And you can’t say you had an adventure until you see the lions eating a buffalo.


or fixing the tire


or sleep in tents in the middle of the wild animals


and finally just take a shower in intimacy


oh well nothing bad could happen;we were protected by Masai ( do you know the story? pff sorry can’t write it :)))


The meeting with the Masai tribe and have a proper goat lunch:)



After so much work here comes the lazy beach time in Zanzibar.Oh well maybe not so fast but definitely after 14 hours by bus.

This extravagant bus to be more precisely


But Zanzibar has incredible landscapes.You can have some many views of the same place during one day.





Until next time:)





de prin bucataria thai

Trebuie sa recunosc  ca bucataria asiatica este favorita mea. Imi place sa incerc mereu mancaruri noi si ciudate iar bucataria thailandeza le are din plin.

Nu stiu exact ce as putea spune in afara faptului ca este delicioasa si ooo daaa NU INGRASA .Mereu am fost invidioasa pe corpul minion al asiaticelor si al pielii incredibile pe care o au si care parca nu imbatraneste niciodata.

O sa incerc sa explic continutul  si las imaginile sa vorbeasca de la sine:)

Sa incepem cu supa de pui si cocos care e favorita mea:)


Peste,fructe de mare? Care mai doreste?Care mai pofteste?

DSC_0683 DSC_0520 DSC_0680 DSC_0681

Noodles cu carne de vita.

312472_10151298598093803_1112321786_n 548616_10151298597688803_2016871318_n

O daaa m-ati prins .Imi place sa mananc de la tarabe pentru ca e ieftin si bun:)

Si niste fructe neaparat dar doar la cel putin o ora jumate dupa masa.Mdaaa cred ca si eu am cam uitat regula asta.

DSC_0555 DSC_0556

Si daca tot e thai sa mancam si ceva mai ciudat.Si avem fishballs,carne de rata,urmeaza ceva ce nici eu nu stiu ce am mancat :))) dar inca traiesc si nici rau nu mi-a fost deci e ok:)).In pozele 4 si 6 iar nu as stii exact ce reprezinta dar erau crude si a trebuit sa le fierbem noi in bolul de langa   ( care avea apa fiarta) ; iar in poza 5 sunt celebrele furnici.

DSC_0520 422020_10150577817638803_959951984_n 166966_10150577817958803_1970490075_n 406381_10150577817438803_50661050_n 406459_10150577817798803_1453520951_n 420044_10150577817548803_1760435186_n

Tot nu e ciudat? Hai sa incercam si ceva crocant:)))

DSC_0564 P1080486

Gata promit ca e ultima data cand va mai oripilez cu imagini de genul .O sa fiu serioasa:) ….macar astea nu au multe  calorii:)))

Top 7 stupid or not questions about travel

I keep getting all kind of questions regarding my travels. Don t get me wrong I like to answer to all of them just that some of them make me laugh so I thought to share them .

7. Why  you travel?

I admit first time when I heard this question i was speechless I realized I can’t   socialize with a person that has even thought at this question, so after i recovered from sock I answered in the same dumb manner:Because I can:)))).


For me traveling has reached another level.I just can t go to a tourism agency and buy a one week trip and say wow I traveled. Travel for me it’s a lifestyle and guess  what ? I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE that is doing this:) .Gooooood so it seems I am not a weirdo after all.

Travel it ‘s the only thing that you buy and makes you richer.

6. Is it safe to travel alone ?

I admit it’s not piece of cake especially for a woman to travel alone  but  sometimes you have more to gain. Usually I receive help from persons that I don t know but are just willing to help.Maybe I am lucky but I always  get help even if it ‘s to have my luggage carried ;D ( oh yea it is indeed a pain in the ass to carry them once at a few days).

I am not doing something out of the ordinary but here are some advices especially if you decide to travel alone :

>> choose  daytime flights: you don t want to arrive alone in the middle of the night in a new city where no one is waiting and you will have to take a taxi to arrive at you accommodation .extra costs plus  less safety.

>> keep your belongings close: passport, money and phone.

>> have copies of your ID’s : another safety precaution

>> don t carry to many stuff with you: now honestly how many times you traveled and haven t used all your cloths ? Think about it .Just take the necessary with you.Come on you are going in a  place where people are living too so if you need something you can buy from there. I remember a very dumb question I received a year ago  when I was preparing to go in Asia. I was asked why i don t take  shower gel with me as if these people don t wash  dohhhh. Asia is  with 10 steps in front of Europe regarding many things ( more about this later).

Plus just think how inconvenient  it is to go in airport toilets and have to stuck them inside??

>>  speak with locals : before I arrive in a new place even if I Google  it sometimes I can t find the answers that I am looking for.So I  prefer to ask locals how to arrive from airport,what transport should I choose,what are the prices. You can t believe how many people answer and are willing to help. I use sites as Couch surfing,Travel buddy.

>> read travel blogs: are so many travel blogs written in different styles. You will see that are so many woman that travel alone and guess what are still living hahahah. Maybe some of them will inspire you will make you find the courage you need to start this.

>> make your travels visible : Now  if you still have an apartment don t invite the thieves to your place by letting them know on Facebook:oh yeah I am leaving for a few months and i will let the house without surveillance. But, let your friends and family know where you are leaving and the time when you should arrive so in case something happen they would know  to announce the authorities . Don’t count only on your phone.Sometimes in some countries the calls can be restricted ,or  you loose the battery  ( always this happen when you need it most ) or other countries have some weird rules and it takes forever until you can get a local number.

5. Are you alone?

Family always want to know you safe and to be with someone.Well it’s very difficult to find a person that can do this type of travels with you so yes usually you are alone…. or not really.I like to  go in new places and if I don t have friends I ll make some:). Think outside the box .You can meet so many people even if you are alone. The chances to know more people are higher when you are alone.Sometimes I travel with big groups and I like it but it ‘s something that I miss: I miss meeting new people ,locals  especially that will gladly present their country in a subjective matter and show you the best places  and in non European countries you can really pay the real prices of the stuff when you are with a local. Otherwise you can t escape you are a tourist so you will pay a higher price. Traveling alone means you can make your own plan and don’t have to waste so much time waiting for others to be ready and go together and explore.

7.How about the jag lag?

Well, I  travel with low cost almost all the time.Yes I traveled with Air Asia 13 hours until Bangkok having the same space as in a normal plane.Was awful I admit.I can t sleep when I travel.I can t sleep in planes,in trains,buses nowhere. When I travel for many hours and sometimes I have hours differences you know what I do?? Yes you guessed I don t sleep.I  stay awake 2- 3 days sometimes .I am like a zombi but after I recover I go to my 12 yummy hours of sleep.Yes sometimes I have periods when I sleep 2-3 hours for 1 week or more but when I stay longer in a place I sleeeeeeeeeeeeep at least 12 hours and yes I like it:DDDDD.

4. Have you won the lottery?

This one is funny. A lot of people think I am millionaire or something .I wish !!! But unfortunately it’s not true.

Ok.Travel it’s  not for free obviously.So before taking this decision make sure you have some savings.You will probably start complaining oh but I don t have money I need to pay different things. Good .Ask yourself  what you pay ? Rent ? How about moving in Asia and pay same amount or less for a rent here.You can stay in guest houses,you can rent a room in an apartment or you can couch surf. Mortgage? Then rent your place.You already have your own apartment?Even better rent it and with that amount can easily pay in another place.

What else? Insurances? Check again for what are you paying and see if it is the real price.

Have you wondered how much money you spend in 6 months on things that you don t need or on cloths or going out in fancy clubs and spend more that you need ? I like to go in clubs in Romania and abroad but I never spend a fortune. At least in Romania we have this mentality to show to others what we have or we don t have. Trust me it is a sick mentality.Life it s not about this. You are buying the stuff for you or for others to see?

When you travel you realize that you can live with so many things.Don t need 10 types of moisture,  a lot of cloths ,shoes,jewelries  and so on. I don t say to travel like a homeless. You can travel with style .Improvise! Adapt!

Well after you make some calculation  you will realize  that you can save some money.

What else you can do? Well if you have stuff that you don t need it anymore you can sell it.I have a friend that sold her brand cloths and jewelry.You don t need them in your travels and you can always buy others .

Think what you know to do . After find for different jobs that you can do .You can work as freelancer or have  short time jobs or do voluntary and get instead accommodation.

3. Is it easy?

Sometimes it’s not. You will miss family and friends  but you know what? They will always be there when you are back.

You will get attached of  people and will have to go and keep in touch only online.You will have to eat alone.Go alone to things that you used to do with friends.For me  it was a very strange experience to go alone at cinema in Bucharest.I wasn’t used with this.I thought that everybody will look at me and say look at that weirdo she is alone in cinema.Well i felt like that at the beginning but then I realized that if i want something I will do it either if it’s alone or not.Honestly I was tired to ask  friends to go and get only answers like I am not in the mood,I don t have money bla bla.Ever felt this?Have you wanted to go in a place and never go because you was afraid to go alone? I heard this so many times:oh I wanted to go in that country but my friends quit in the last moment so I had to give up at the idea.

NO! Again maybe I am lucky but I decided to go alone in Thailand .I bought one way ticket !!! Guess what after this I saw a  former master colleague that she is going to be in Bangkok in the same time.After this another friend decided to come too .Crazy 🙂


2. Have you looked in your Id recently?

Hahaha Good one. Yes it seems that people want to see you settled. Have a miserable job from 9-18, get married ,have  kids.

Ok I am not saying I don t want a serious relationship and kids but why we need to give importance to what others think and say? Why we have to do what  others are saying to us? Maybe I don’t want to be like all the others. Maybe I am different.Maybe I want to be different.

For what we are living? To became the society slaves ? To pay  mortgage, taxes and fees  for the rest of our lives and forget to live indeed our life ?

Yes maybe I should have done this earlier but I was too weak to do it.I didn ‘t  have the courage to do it earlier but better later than never.

1. Do you like it?

No .I love it. For the last 6 months I am on the road all the time.I don t even bother to unpack.All my things are in 2 bags that lie all the time on the floor. Maybe for many it’s not easy to get out from their comfort zone but it is a challenge and I decided to take it.

Honestly I haven’t meet any person that traveled and said he regrets, but I meet people that said they regret not doing it.

Would you better regret it for the rest of your life?

Yes  tumblr_meg1qjEm641rxi1q2o1_1280 So? What are you waiting for?


I went in Tenerife in November 2011.It ‘s a nice destination in case you are sun addicted. Even in November you can go to the beach but the night life it’s not the best during this period because the  tourists age  it is + 45, so if you want to party I don t recommend this period of the year.Also even if the weather it’s  hot it s very very windy especially in the mornings.

You definitely need to rent a car because the Island it s very big and the means of transportation aren t so developed.A very annoying fact is that you need a credit card not a debit card to rent a car there.

Tenerife it s not an expensive destination but not a very cheap either.The prices are the same like in Spain except for cosmetics they don  have vat so the prices are like in duty free.

What you must visit here:

  • Teide volcano the entrance it s approx. 20 euro.If you want to climb further you need equipment for mountains because its extremely cold and windy  and the ground it s obviously injured it is a volcano after all.
  • Loro Park -the best park i ever seen until now.even if i am not a fan of this kind of park with animal shows( i thought it is going to be boring and only for kids) i was really impressed by it.Don t miss the dolphin, sea lions and orca( they will try to sell you some cloaks saying the whales will splash you :it s not true !!! don t buy them).The show with parrots it s pretty boring you can skip it.
  • In case you want to go to Siam Park it is better to buy one ticket for both Siam and Loro Park to have a discount.More details here :http://www.loroparquetenerife.com/index.html
  • Monkey Park:You can bring bananas  to give to the monkeys or buy from the entrance some food  for them.The majority will be pretty bloated of food but are some cute monkeys that will appreciate them and you can take pictures also as some of them are outside from cages.

Don t miss the black and yellow beaches.The sand it s extremely soft.But I better put some pictures so you can see:).

Regarding how to arrive here find a flight till Barcelona or Madrid and from here you can find flight with Ryannair .The flight from here it s approx. 3 hrs.

Morocco what I was expecting and what I actually found here

I  wanted to visit Morocco for more than a year and finally I arrived in September.I chosen the services of an association because it was cheaper plus I had the chance to go with a group that proved to be really awesome.

So , we arrived here after having a stop in Milan.At airport we were taken by our guide ( wasn’t really a guide but a person that organize trips in Morocco)  who took us  to the riad where we had the accommodation. The riad was based in the biggest market in Marrakesh Jamaa el Fna.Riad is a sort of hostel ,more like a family business.They live there, they cook there  and I know this because in the middle of the living room they used to cook so even if we wanted or not we smelled what they were cooking ahaha.The living room it s different than a European one ( I ll put pictures I promise) but  their way of living reminds me of old times in Romania .I can t say if it s bad or not if it s kich  or not it depends how open minded you are and if you can respect and accept their way of living. They are big families and use to live in the same house with parents,grandparents,brothers and sisters of course they have independent rooms and sometimes independent floors. The living rooms are huge because they take lunch,dinner together and  this is a thing that we Europeans I think we miss ,to have all family together and communicate more. Those carpets and heavy pillows remind me of the old house from the countryside so I had a lot of flash backs from my childhood that”s why I can t say I was surprised of this :nothing new for me.

Next stop for us was of course the market.A very noisy place with guys that yell to come and buy a fresh juice ( very good and only 4 dirham=40 euro cents),with men that struggle some monkeys to take some pictures with them ,charmer snakes and water seller.Well this is nothing compared with what is this place transformed in  the evenings.If you are here during weekends you will think it s at least New Year:)). During evenings like from nowhere improvised  stalls with food appear .You can eat good and cheap here 4-5 euros per person.

Personally I loved this place.I like noisy and crowed places and markets ahaha i said it:)).You have to negotiate for everything and because you are tourist you have money so you will have a special price whether you want or not.Well in case you are with a local you will be surprised to see that if you have paid 10 dirham on a Cola you will pay now 2  parampam :)).In Marrakesh everyone will try to sell you something.Pay attention who you are asking for indications because they can ask you money for this. What I din t liked was the fact that they won t tell you which place is the best to visit for example the nicest trip in Sahara is in Merzouga  but if you say you are going there they will say no no in Zagora is better and viceversa.

I read a lot of reviews about Morocco before coming and mainly were negative ones .I was surprised to discover something else here.It s true that they have a lot of beggars  ( much more than in Romania or any other country that I visited) but if you ignore them or say no they will go quickly ( this happen because it seems police started to do their job finally).

How to dress:Well it s a Muslim country so if you don t want to be watched like a piece of meat it s better to wear decent cloths ,cover your shoulders and don t wear short pants ,dressed,skirts.Here in Marrakesh people are more conservators and you will see the majority of woman wearing higeab,burka. I know we Europeans have some preconceived ideas about the way women dress and we think it s a bad thing.Well it s not like that .They just respect what Coran says ,we have these things in the Bible just that we don t respect it .The decision to wear these kind of cloths or Europeans belongs to the woman.Of course it also depends of the way she was raised too .I always say all depends of the way we perceive the things.What for me may seem natural and normal for another person may seem the opposite.Same thing as in what is about what it s  beautiful or ugly .

They wear this type of cloths because they don t like to attract the attention of them.In this way their husbands will be attracted of  they personality not of their bodies .I saw a lot of beautiful women wearing make up or wearing this type of cloths with style and i love it.Personally i dressed like them and I will do it again without thinking twice.It s a great feeling to go on the street and don t feel how man looks at you  as you are a piece of meat or whistle after.


Good,what else to do in Marrakesh? Well you can  go and visit Yves Saint Laurent gardens for 50 dirham.It s a nice place but not extraordinary.Also you can visit Bahia Palace for 10 dirham but I don t recommend it s a waste of time.

The next day we went in Sahara trip in Merzouga.It s  a 2 days trip that costs 75 euros and you will do aprox 600 km per day.The road is thru Atlas Mountains, Dades Gorge area ,Ouarzazate and finally Merzouga.

The first night is spent at a hotel in the mountains a really nice place, clean and with nice rooms.Second day in the afternoon is the arrival to the desert.Here we went on dromedary for about 1 hour until the place where the camps were located. We cached the sunset and I have to say it s one of the best things I ever saw. The Berbers prepared  some tajine  and  we ate all together with hand ( if you want to eat in the traditional way) or not:). After this they sang us some traditional songs and danced .Before going to bed we climbed the sand dunes ( I have to say that it s not easy to climb it and have to have some physical strength to do it). Again  for me it was a great experience and i really recommend this.Next time I will take the 4 days trip. I slept outside as It was very hot .If you don t like this you can sleep inside tent but again I recommend to stay outside.And to answer to some questions no there are not scorpions or insects, you will not die of thirst because you can take bottles of water with you and  during night it s not very cold you can have long pants and a long blouse but not very thick.

Here is the weather.

Pay attention as there is a big difference of temperature between Marrakesh and Casablanca or Rabat.In September-October in Marrakesh are 35-37 degrees while in Casablanca are 25- 27.

The fourth and fifth  day we choose to go in Rabat, Casablanca and Essaouira. You can take train also and here you can find the prices but if you are a big group i don t recomment to take train as you are going to spend more on taxis.

Rabat and Casablanca are more European so to say.People are not dressed so conservator like in Marrakesh.

I came prepared for beach ….and I managed to take 0 baths:(((. For me Rabat seemed a normal city nothing special.We went to see the ocean but no one was on the beach :(,after this stop we went to a sort of garden nothing interesting either .

Casablanca.Well here you can see the mosque.The price to enter is 120 dirham and you can enter  every day except Fridays only at this hours 9,10,11,12 and 15. And no you can t enter inside even if you are dressed like a Muslim.Been there done that ….doesn t work  .Stupid thing anyway as in catholic or orthodox churches anyone can enter.

Well In Casablanca I returned for another week so I m happy I did this as I meet some cool locals that  showed me the other face of Morocco and made me understand better this beautiful country and it s traditions.

Don t expect to have comfort or something in the taxi.Are the worst taxis I ve ever seen ( except the ones from Izmir-Turkey but I think here were a bit better ). The traffic it s terrible and they really don t know how to drive there ARE NO RULES IN DRIVING here. Thanks God I m still living and I m not kidding when I m saying this.

In Casablanca you definitely have to visit the port area called AIN DIAB,the center Maarif place and the old Medina.I was asked why tourists like Medina ( old city part with it s souks) well it s simple because we don t have this.Yes it s true it s not a clean place ,it s noisy  but for me this is all the fun so you can either like it or no.

My only bad experience with Casablanca was caused my the pollution and the water that irritated my skin soooo bad that even after 2 weeks I still have some marks.

Next Essaouira on the list.It s a great city .Cheaper than Marrakesh.Here  you have the chance to go on the beach as there aren t waves like in Casablanca but still the beach is not so clean and the water …same.What else to do here: well Medina again it s different from the others and you can get lost on the small streets .Well it s not rocket science if you go 2-3 times on the streets you are going to know them so no need to ask the locals for indications unless you are in a hurry.Remember to ask people from stores otherwise others can show you but ask for money after:).

Definitely you need to go in the fish market and try the goodies from there.Are fresh and prepared instantly on the grill.


And now the answer at the question how much you spent?


Morocco:11-26 sept 2012


accommodation+ flights:295 euro +135 euro=430 euro


trips:Sahara and cities:125 euro


tickets ,taxi +food: 180 dirham +117 euro


Total:690 euro

Bergamo-Milano don t even bother

I arrived from Bucharest to Bergamo airport  on my way to Morocco.

I usually don t like to give negative feedback but even if I like Italy these 2 towns have nothing to offer.From airport to center you can take a bus and pay 2,10 euro per ticket one way and can be used for 90 minutes in case you need to change buses from center.I stood one night at a hostel ( I guess it s the only one as all the locals seemed to know it :))). A strange thing is that buses stop working after 9 in the evening.

From Bergamo you can take the train and go in Milan.The Gare it s at 10 min walk far away from center.The ticket cost 4.25 euro and about 1.30 hrs you arrive in Milan.From here you can take the metro that it s located inside the station and go to visit the beautiful center or better grab another train to any other city from Italy :)))) it would be a better option.

The only interesting things here are the Dom and …..the Dom.I was’ t even impressed by shops. Aren’t so many as I expected to see and the prices are too high.

If you wanna go and eat something will be pretty expensive but I recommend to eat something here than in Bergamo ( I was surprised to see that here some locals open after 7 in the evening so if you are starving you can either wait them to open or go in another place and eat an awful lasagna like me:(. I was in the country of pastes and managed to eat the worst lasagna tuscheee).

I will upload some  pics on my Facebook page and soon I ll write about  what I expected about Morocco and what I actually found here.