Jambo! Are you prepared to live the tanzanian adventure?

Are you prepared to see Tanzania? Are you cool enough for this awesome country?Are you ready to step out from your comfort zone? If the answer it’s yes then you can read further and see what you have missed and what it’s your next destination:)

I arrived here after a direct  7 hours flight from Istanbul in the comfort of Turkish Airlines and  I have to  say they surprised me in a good way.Finally enough space, good food ,a lot of movies ( for awkward people like me that can t sleep ) and yes they even gave us socks and eyes covers hahaha.

ok ok lets get back to business:what you need for this trip?

>> vaccines :mandatory yellow fever and tiffoide and pills for malaria ( aprox. 50 euro)

>> boots for trekking

>> proper cloths and shoes if you want to climb Kilimanjaro ( cost is 140 $ per day minimum 4 days)

>>insect spray

>> sleeping bags ( or just rent from there)

>>no visa for Romanians  and African nationalities ( all the others will pay a 50 $ visa)

>> a looooot of patience

>> don’t expect at too much comfort

I have to start by saying that devil it’s not so black.So don’t be a bacteria freak.Just drink only bottled water and wash the fruits before eating. Nothing happened to none from my group and I mean absolutely nothing. We traveled safety and didn’t get sick.

Now that we covered that ;what to do here?

First let’s reach the accommodation place. Quite up at about 2600 m altitude but I think it worth it.Plus the Kilimanjaro view it’s amazing .


Despite being a poor continent Africa it’s expensive.So prepare to give tips,pay for every trip small or big that you will do and expect that sometimes they will try to scam you . Pay big attention to your money and belongings !!! and I mean it. So once more Pole pole ( easy ,easy).

So what you can do here:Trekking it’s an option so you should be in shape to be able to finish it.



The cities will not be what you probably are expecting to see. They are looking like some poor villages.


Safari: You lived for nothing if you didn’t go to safari.Was the most amazing adventure I had – until now haha I am expecting for more adventures muhahah. I saw the most incredible sky ever and i think I won t be tired to repeat this for a million times:incredible sky,incredible ok ok you go it.

I have to say I hate going to Zoo I can t stand up seeing all the animals in cages but I like animals.What to do then? Well seeing them in freedom and be so close to them was AMAZING!!!!

I have no more words I will just put some pics.Well maybe I still have oh yesss I had the best crew and the best driver ever.We rulzzz:)))


And you can’t say you had an adventure until you see the lions eating a buffalo.


or fixing the tire


or sleep in tents in the middle of the wild animals


and finally just take a shower in intimacy


oh well nothing bad could happen;we were protected by Masai ( do you know the story? pff sorry can’t write it :)))


The meeting with the Masai tribe and have a proper goat lunch:)



After so much work here comes the lazy beach time in Zanzibar.Oh well maybe not so fast but definitely after 14 hours by bus.

This extravagant bus to be more precisely


But Zanzibar has incredible landscapes.You can have some many views of the same place during one day.





Until next time:)





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