I went in Tenerife in November 2011.It ‘s a nice destination in case you are sun addicted. Even in November you can go to the beach but the night life it’s not the best during this period because the  tourists age  it is + 45, so if you want to party I don t recommend this period of the year.Also even if the weather it’s  hot it s very very windy especially in the mornings.

You definitely need to rent a car because the Island it s very big and the means of transportation aren t so developed.A very annoying fact is that you need a credit card not a debit card to rent a car there.

Tenerife it s not an expensive destination but not a very cheap either.The prices are the same like in Spain except for cosmetics they don  have vat so the prices are like in duty free.

What you must visit here:

  • Teide volcano the entrance it s approx. 20 euro.If you want to climb further you need equipment for mountains because its extremely cold and windy  and the ground it s obviously injured it is a volcano after all.
  • Loro Park -the best park i ever seen until now.even if i am not a fan of this kind of park with animal shows( i thought it is going to be boring and only for kids) i was really impressed by it.Don t miss the dolphin, sea lions and orca( they will try to sell you some cloaks saying the whales will splash you :it s not true !!! don t buy them).The show with parrots it s pretty boring you can skip it.
  • In case you want to go to Siam Park it is better to buy one ticket for both Siam and Loro Park to have a discount.More details here :http://www.loroparquetenerife.com/index.html
  • Monkey Park:You can bring bananas  to give to the monkeys or buy from the entrance some food  for them.The majority will be pretty bloated of food but are some cute monkeys that will appreciate them and you can take pictures also as some of them are outside from cages.

Don t miss the black and yellow beaches.The sand it s extremely soft.But I better put some pictures so you can see:).

Regarding how to arrive here find a flight till Barcelona or Madrid and from here you can find flight with Ryannair .The flight from here it s approx. 3 hrs.