Bergamo-Milano don t even bother

I arrived from Bucharest to Bergamo airport  on my way to Morocco.

I usually don t like to give negative feedback but even if I like Italy these 2 towns have nothing to offer.From airport to center you can take a bus and pay 2,10 euro per ticket one way and can be used for 90 minutes in case you need to change buses from center.I stood one night at a hostel ( I guess it s the only one as all the locals seemed to know it :))). A strange thing is that buses stop working after 9 in the evening.

From Bergamo you can take the train and go in Milan.The Gare it s at 10 min walk far away from center.The ticket cost 4.25 euro and about 1.30 hrs you arrive in Milan.From here you can take the metro that it s located inside the station and go to visit the beautiful center or better grab another train to any other city from Italy :)))) it would be a better option.

The only interesting things here are the Dom and …..the Dom.I was’ t even impressed by shops. Aren’t so many as I expected to see and the prices are too high.

If you wanna go and eat something will be pretty expensive but I recommend to eat something here than in Bergamo ( I was surprised to see that here some locals open after 7 in the evening so if you are starving you can either wait them to open or go in another place and eat an awful lasagna like me:(. I was in the country of pastes and managed to eat the worst lasagna tuscheee).

I will upload some  pics on my Facebook page and soon I ll write about  what I expected about Morocco and what I actually found here.


2 thoughts on “Bergamo-Milano don t even bother

  1. For shopping in Milan you should have went to Corso Buenos Aires. The street is famous for having the biggest number of shops on such an area, which makes it the world’s densest shopping district. There are dozens of shops, offering clothing and other types of merchandise. The prices are very reasonable and this is a great place for bargains in the sales periods after Christmas and in mid-summer. So there you go … maybe some other time when in Milan you can check it out 🙂

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