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I went in Barcelona in august 2012 for 7 days and I liked this city so much that i decided to live here for a period:),so  with this I think I answer at the question “do I liked Barcelona”:).

I bought a ticket from Blue Air with 75 euro ( go and return way)  since November last year.Good prices you can fins also at Wizz Air.August it s a busy period for travels and that s why if you don t buy the ticket earlier you risk to pay more. I travel on low cost so i take only a hand luggage( if you want to go shopping you d better take your luggage empty because the prices are really diminished with 50-70 % and you can buy a lot of things in case this is one of the purposes of your trip).

If you came in this period you will catch “fiesta” that  starts on 15 Th of August and lasts for 1 week.In Barcelona doesn’ t happen anything important but if you go in small villages you will party all day and all night long.

The weather is really good during this period between 29-32 degrees during day and minimum 25 during night .I haven t had any day with rain so no need to take thick cloths with you.Also the locals told me this is the best period to go to the seaside.

So lets continue with the road.With low cost companies you will arrive at Terminal 2/From here until center ( 12 km ) you can take Aerobus  and pay 5.50 euro for 1 way or 9 euro for go and return way;or take the train ( here you can take T-10 ticket that costs 9.25 euro and can be used on buses,trains and metros and you can change them too within 1hr and 15 min using 1 trip only). This ticket can be used by many persons.The main station here is the 3rd one called Sants estation ( written BRN SANTS). It should not take more than 30 min to arrive in center.

I chosen to stay at this hostel:;dcid=1#hash-blockdisplay1

You will see here my comments  about the hostal and how you can arrive here.I paid 331 euro for a double room for 7 nights,but you can find cheaper accommodation.I will insert some links :).

The main thing that came in my mind if I want to describe Barcelona is open minded.So if you have something against gay people ,funky and vegans it s not the place for you to go.

What you can do here? I inserted here a guide for more details: Barcelona guide

You can visit Sagrada Famillia the ticket is 16 euro or 16.5 euro and you can see Casa Gaudi as well. Here it s always crowded so bare in mind that you will spend about 1 hour before entering.You can visit Casa Millo and Casa Battlo with an entrance fee for about 16 euros each.

I admit this is my first tip where I haven t spent my time in all museums  how I used to do so I can t give more details about this.

Barceloneta is a” must” .Here are the majority of clubs and during day you can go to beach.The water is a bit cold  and you really have to look a lot to find a shower .This was a bit of shock for me at all beaches in Barcelona you can t find the special places where you can change and it s annoying to stay and look for showers or toilets on the beach.Anyway not everything can be perfect:).The beach in Barceloneta is heaven for nudists so if you go closer to W hotel ( the biggest building from the beach you can t miss it), you risk to see “the mother nature”.In case you like it now you know where to stay:D.

There are other bigger beaches and with a more clear water .Just take train to Mataro or Casteldefels.The ticket for the train is 2.20 euros for 1 way as these are in the 2nd zone and T10 ticket it s not valid anymore ( but you can use this to go there and when you come back just buy the 2.20 euro ticket).

Don t miss the park Guell.Entrance is free;doesn t have anything special as a park but the atmosphere is nice ,lots of singers and of course tourists.Another place that deserves to be visited it s Montjuic .Here you can visit the castle and the singing fountains ( the show starts at 21 during summer and 19.30 during winter).If you climb a bit more you will see the place where Olympic games were held in 1996.

I recommend  to stay close to Plaza Catalonia or La Rambla because here happen all the things:). Here don t miss the market “La Bouqueria”.If you have luck you can see some capoeira demonstrations.

Further more I will insert some pictures:)


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I start this blog because I want to share my travel experiences and show that it s easy to travel cheap and it s not a tragedy if you travel alone either.This blog will be written in English because I want more people to have access to it and even post comments- i refer here at locals or people that have traveled to the places I will write about and want to share tips or ask something or whatever you want to say :). The blog will be subjective.I will share here  my feelings  about places I visited, I will write about places where i stayed and also about  the prices.

I also what to share links where you can find cheap flights and accommodation and you can always  help me to update them.

I thank you for following my posts and i m waiting your feedback and comments:).